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2AVoters is a public list of Americans who uphold the citizen right to arms. 

We oppose "crime prevention" gun control laws that restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens but do nothing to prevent crime. 

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Individual voices have no impact on public policy. To be heard, you have to raise a united voice.

What is 2AVoters?

There are 77 million Americans over age 59.
The largest American organization of retired persons has 38 million members.
About half of all retirement age Americans are dues-paying members of that organization.
That is real political clout.

There are 87 million gun owners in America, but our largest organization only has 5 million members.
Less than 6% of gun owners.
We should do better than that.

2AVoters is new, launched in October 2022.
Our Register is a cross between a petition and a public display of political will.
You should join it. It only costs 3 bucks.
If enough people join, the Register will impact public policy, and 2AVoters can effectively pursue its objectives.

2AVoters is transparent: Mission -- Objectives -- Financial -- Bylaws.