2AVoters Inc. is a non-partisan nonprofit 501(c)(4) social welfare organization. 

We publish our Member Register as a display of public support for the 2nd Amendment and public opposition to irrational gun control laws.

Members are limited to one donation per calendar year, up to a maximum of $90. Why:

  1. Social change achieved by large groups of small donors is healthier for America than change driven by small groups of large donors.
  2. Single annual donations of less than $100 reduce reporting requirements and administrative costs, and avoid all state and federal "donor identity" reporting requirements. Other than what is published in the Register, we will never reveal donor identities to any person or company or agency.
  3. We encourage small donations to attract more members. The size of the Register is what is most important.

All donations are undesignated. 2AVoters operates a single General Fund.

2AVoters is transparent. All operations and actions are published on this site. Directors and Officers are not bound by confidentiality agreements. 

Our primary mission is education and advocacy. Our secondary mission is direct political action. 2AVoters is permitted by law to make unlimited expenditures to advertise, publicize, advocate, promote, and lobby. 2AVoters is permitted by law to spend up to 40% of its annual budget on direct political action to support or oppose specific candidates for public office or specific issues in ballot initiatives and referendums.

2AVoters Inc is chartered in Oregon, registered with Oregon SOS and DOJ and DOR, and at IRS via Form 8976. Upon filling all Board seats, 2AVoters will timely file Form 1024A and update the Oregon DOJ and our Bank accordingly. 2AVoters will timely complete Charitable Solicitation Registrations in every state that so requires, in ways compliant with state laws applicable to 501(c) organizations that solicit donations via online donation buttons. Future reporting requirements will be determined by organizational activity. Advocacy, education, and lobbying actions require no additional annual reports be filed. Election actions require FEC and also state filings for each state in which such actions are conducted.  

Board of Directors:

  Executive Director - David Spaugh, founder. 

Board Seat 1 - Open

Board Seat 2 - Open

Board Seat 3 - Open

Board Seat 4 - Open

Board Seat 5 - Open

The first responsibility of the executive director is to appoint five unrelated persons to fill the Board of Directors.
Would you like to serve? Read the Bylaws. Also read THIS.
The first-year workload for Directors is expected to be less than 10 hours per month. Your primary job will be financial stewardship.
Directors are permitted to pursue expanded roles, and to hold simultaneous paid Officer positions with the corporation.

Apply at PO Box 103, Sumpter, OR  97814, or use our Contact Form to initiate email correspondence.
References required. 2AVoters will conduct reasonable and non-invasive vetting. All application information will be held in strictest confidence and permanently destroyed upon disuse.