If the maximum donation is $90, how did you reach $3269 with only 13 Members in your first week?
We launched 2AVoters by creating a group-buy for yard signs that said "Vote NO on Measure 114." Learn more HERE. During this group-buy, we accepted unlimited donations from groups of volunteers from towns all across Oregon. The largest donation we received was $870. We wanted to raise money and buy signs right now, so that's what we did. After the group-buy ended, this website was reconfigured to accept only one donation per person per year, up to a maximum of $90.

Why do you limit donations to $90 per person per year?
Because it avoids every federal and state requirement for reporting donor identity. No political org is required to report the identity of donors who give less than $100 per year, in any state, or at the federal level. So our annual reporting requirements are greatly simplified, and your confidentiality is guaranteed. Besides, the amount of money raised is less important than the number of people who join. If enough people join, we will have more than enough money to accomplish our Mission. 

Is the Register open to Expats or Military living abroad?

Why do you require a Congressional District Number to register?
The Register has sorting tools. You can sort each state by District. If 2AVoters attracts a large following, the District data will be interesting to evaluate, and useful to elected public officials. 

Why do you allow people to register using their initials or an alias?
The actual identity of each donor is irrelevant to our Mission. Our goal is to show that a lot of people support the citizen right to arms.

Is my donation tax deductible?
No. Donations to a 501(c)(4) are tax-exempt to the organization, but not tax-deductible to the donor.

What percent of donations is spent on administrative or overhead costs?
Our goal is to keep annual administrative costs less than 20% of total annual donation revenue. That's better than most other nonprofits in America. Our Bylaws expressly prohibit excessive compensation. Our financial policy is is written in Sections IV and XI of the Bylaws.

How are the donations deposited and secured?
We are required by law to use a dedicated Fund and corporate bank account. All donations and expenditures go through our General Fund. As necessary, we will use a spread strategy to preserve FDIC insurance. We may also use board-appointed account-holders, trust methods, Massachusetts bank capabilities, and other established means to preserve fund security. All financial and audit information is published and updated regularly on our Financial Page.