Guns Don't Cause Crime

87 million American citizens own 405 million guns.

America has 450 thousand gun crimes each year.

This means 99.9% of all civilian-owned guns in America are not causing their owners to commit gun crimes.

It means more than 99.5% of all civilian gun owners do not commit gun crimes. It looks like this:

Pie Chart: 99.5% of Gun Owners No Crime


Obviously, guns do not cause their owners to commit crime.

If guns don't cause crime, gun control cannot prevent crime. 

This is why gun control laws have never been effective at preventing crime. The cities and states with the strictest gun control laws have had the same or worse crime as everyone else, for decades. 

You cannot prevent crime by infringing in the rights of law-abiding citizens.


405 million guns: excel spreadsheet.

87 million gun owners: excel spreadsheet.

450,000 gun crimes: excel spreadsheet.