Oregon Ballot Measure 114


December 5, 2022:

Judge Immergut stayed the M114 Permit requirement for 30 days, but allowed the magazine ban to go into effect midnight December 7. 

Suggestions for FFL's:

  1. If you have customer guns with "11+" magazines in your safe, deliver the mags before Thursday evening, or separate them from the guns and store them in a box marked "Purchased before December 8, pending customer pickup."
  2. Don't order more guns that come with 11+ round magazines.

These suggestions are repulsive, but for FFL's who want to focus on compliance for now, they offer a solution for what to do with 11+ mags that came with recent gun purchases.

The OFF motion to enjoin the entire Measure was denied.

SAF, GOA, and FPC all have suits filed to strike down the magazine limit.

So far, no suits have been filed to strike down the Permit requirement. 2AVoters is working on a new initiative petition to repeal M114 or every part of it, and also a constitutionality suit against the Permit requirement.

December 4, 2022 (numbers subject to change until results are certified):

Measure 114 passed: 975,553 to 950,589.
Out of 2.99million registered voters, 1.97million voted, a 66% turnout.
Out of 1.967million ballots counted, 1.926million cast a vote on M114.
M114 passed by a margin of 25,000 votes
41,000 voters left M114 blank on their ballots.
The vote ratio was 50.65% for, 49.35% opposed.

M114 bans the sale and ordinary possession of magazines with a capacity of 11 or more rounds, and requires citizens to pay for a background check, fingerprinting, a photograph, and a state-approved training curriculum before paying for the privilege of applying for government permission (and a permit) to acquire a gun. Permit Agents have the arbitrary power to say no. They can deny your Permit if they don't approve of your past behavior or your mental or psychological state. See M114 Section 4(1)(b)(C). Also, M114 creates a registry of guns and gun owners.

Lawsuits have been filed to strike down the part of M114 that bans 11+ round magazines.

Injunctions have been filed to stay M114 enforcement until permitting systems are in place.

2AVoters has requested a determination from Oregon SOS and Oregon Attorney General on the use of the ballot measure process to repeal a ballot measure, and will file a petition accordingly.

We will also proceed with civil action to strike down the M114 permit requirement on the basis that laws requiring citizens to obtain government permission to acquire a gun are unconstitutional. 

Our strategies require funding. Don't be afraid to join and support our work. Small donations are welcome. Thanks.