2AVoters Objectives

Build and publish and publicize a massive Register of American citizens who uphold constitutional law that protects the citizen rights to arms and due process, and protects citizens against unlawful takings.

Leverage the Register to expressly inform every Supreme Court Justice that we the People expect them to uphold their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Advocate for a system for striking down unconstitutional law that is faster than the current certiorari system that allows enumerated rights of American citizens to be violated for decades at a time.

Educate and advocate for prevention and repeal of unconstitutional anti-gun legislation.

Provide significant financial support to attorneys engaged in successful appeals efforts that stand a reasonable chance of overturning laws that violate constitutional protections of the citizen rights to arms, due process, and property. 

Break the law. Once 2AVoters receives enough donations, the founder intends to violate unconstitutional gun control laws livestreamed and recorded on video, for the purpose of being prosecuted for said violations, for the purpose of appealing the resultant convictions until the Supreme Court strikes the unconstitutional laws in question. This is the process by which unconstitutional laws are overturned in America. This is how it's done.

Publish a preponderance of evidence that the 2nd Amendment was written and ratified to protect the citizen right to fighting arms for defense of self, family, community, polity, liberty.

Publish a yearly statistic that makes it obvious to everyone that guns don't cause crime.

Publish and publicize facts and evidence showing that the vast majority of gun control laws have no measurable impact on crime.

Publish and publicize the strong global correlation between civilian gun ownership and societal freedom.

Help inform and remind American citizens that crime cannot be prevented by infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Publish and publicize evidence of America's failure to effectively manage mental illness.

Promote awareness of the true underlying causes of crime in America, namely the failures to effectively manage criminals and mental illness.

Serve as a role model for improved transparency and ethical conduct in matters of political influence and grass-roots activism.

Provide Americans with a simple and effective method for restoring their voice in state and national government.