Privacy and Site Policies

This is a reprint of the information published at the bottom of the Registration Form.

2AVoters publishes its Donor Register. The Register displays the donor-selected name, state and congressional district of every person who makes a donation.

We will never sell, give or distribute donor information to any person, agency, or organization.

We will not spam the membership.

We use secure payment processors. Your payment data does not cross our server. We cannot see it, access it, or store it.

We do not track visitors. We don't use cookies. We do not accept advertisements.

2AVoters is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(4) social welfare organization.

2AVoters does not provide any member benefits other than the opportunity to help preserve constitutional protection of the citizen right to keep and bear arms. This site does not have a member login or any member functions. 

How to contact us:
1 - We provide a convenient email Contact Form.
2 - Send mail to 2AVoters -- PO Box 103 -- Sumpter, OR -- 97877.

2AVoters refund policy: No Refunds.
If you make a donation to 2AVoters, we will use the donation to support our Mission. If you are unsure about our cause, either limit your donation to $3, or don't join. We do not refund donations.

We do not honor requests to edit or modify Donor name information after registration. Registrations that are accompanied by profane, disruptive, or frivolous content in the Form fields will be deleted from the Register by automated filters; the associated donations will be used to support our Mission.

How to have a record removed from the 2AVoters Register: mail a signed removal request that includes the original email address used at registration and a $10 check or money order payable to 2AVoters, to PO Box 103 in Sumpter, OR  97877. Your record will be removed within 14 days of our receipt of said letter and funds. Your email address is your unique registration identifier. We will not honor any removal request that is not accompanied by $10 and the email address that was used to create the registration.